Kusa ConnectMarketing and Representation Services

In addition to our DMC services of Kusa Africa Travel Services, we have created our Marketing and Representation division, Kusa Connect. We offer marketing and representation services to international tourism businesses who are looking to have an advantage in the UK and European markets.

Kusa Connect Marketing and Representation services for the UK and Europe.

So, what exactly do we mean by marketing and representation services? Most importantly, today’s world has completely changed from the way business used to be done. In addition, your business needs a strong market presence in order to thrive, both online and in person. For instance, when was the last time you needed a service and didn’t turn to an online platform?

If you are a property or experience owner and are looking for representation in the UK and Europe, then Kusa Connect is looking forward to assisting you in the recovery from COVID-19. In addition, we will work with you to curate a personalised marketing and representation plan to suit your needs.

Firstly, the the main problem is trying to stand out above the crowd and being visible in a new world. Customised, targeted marketing services are a vital way that can be accomplished. Secondly, now that the world seems to be recovering from the global pandemic, having a strong presence on social media and in-person will show that you are moving with the times, and in tune with what the traveller of today is looking for.

The Problems We Solve:

  • You know how important marketing and representation is, and you would like to dedicate more time and resources to it. We help you do that.
  • Your clients in the UK & Europe would value in-person meetings and training again. We help you do that.
  • You need to get the right content to the right people. We help you do that.
  • With Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Vimeo, Clubhouse, LinkedIn, and various other social media platforms how do you manage it all? We help you do that.

Here’s how Kusa Connect hopes to solve these problems for you:

Your OptionsPremium Economy
GBP 350
Business Class
GBP 750
First Class
GBP 1250
(Day Rates Available)
Complimentary assessment of your marketing needs, and clear strategy formation with set measurable goals***
Creation of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn (10 per month)***
Monthly Reporting***
Up to 59 seconds of promotional videos using your content (within Instagram limits). Longer Educational Videos on request. (One a month)**
Custom QR Code Creation with Logos (10 per month)**
Marketing Representation, in-person meetings and training with your partners in the UK & Europe, based on a customised agreement to suit your needs and requirements*
Opportunities to speak on established Clubs on Clubhouse, namely Travel South Africa, Voices of Africa and the Global Alliance for Tourism in Africa (once a month)*
Podcasting Interviews (once a month)*
NFT Minting and Guidance*
Kusa College Training – Creation of PowerPoint and / or Keynote Presentations and Webinars for your clients. Your clients will then receive a certificate from Kusa College that they can share on social media. Maximum of one per month and 2 hours per webinar.*
All prices are per calendar month and paid in advance. Services can also be bespoke and tailored to your needs, and priced in a variety of different currencies.

Kusa Connect Ltd is a registered company in the United Kingdom. If you would like to set up meeting to discuss your marketing and representation needs, please use the below calendar to set up a meeting with our Director, Graeme Watson.

Graeme’s LinkedIn profile can be accessed here.